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Subject[CHECKER] __init functions called by non-__init
as per a suggestion from Jonathan ( I wrote a simple
checker to warn when non-__init functions call __init functions or use
__initdata. Before sending the entire list of "bugs" I want to make
sure they actually are errors rather than bugs in how I understand the
kernel. So, as I understand it, there seem to be two error cases:

1. The best case: an init function calls a non-init, which in
turn calls an init:

void __init probe() { a(); }
void a() { b(); }
void __init b() { ... }

in this case, is the missing __init on 'a' only a performance
bug in that a's code won't be freed up?

2. The worst case: some random post-initialization routine
calls an __init routine which can cause the kernel to go into
hyperspace if the __init routine's code has been deleted.

Are these error cases correct? Are there other interesting, related
__init problems to look for? The doc's I read were a little coy about

There were about 43 errors flagged. Most seem to be case 1. An example:

/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/scsi/g_NCR5380.c:240:generic_NCR53C400A_setup: ERROR:INIT: non-init fn 'generic_NCR53C400A_setup' calling init fn 'internal_setup'
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/scsi/g_NCR5380.c:253:generic_DTC3181E_setup: ERROR:INIT: non-init fn 'generic_DTC3181E_setup' calling init fn 'internal_setup'

where if you look in the code, the flagged routine generic_NCR53C400A_setup
does indeed not have __init:
void generic_NCR53C400A_setup (char *str, int *ints) {
internal_setup (BOARD_NCR53C400A, str, ints);

but a nearby, almost identiical routine does:

void __init generic_NCR53C400_setup (char *str, int *ints){
internal_setup (BOARD_NCR53C400, str, ints);

This just seems to be a case where someone forgot to type the __init
in, thereby causing a (small) storage leak.


On the other hand, if I understood the rules right, this next one looks like
a more exciting error, since an __exit routine is calling an __init routine:

/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/sound/aedsp16.c:1356:cleanup_aedsp16: ERROR:INIT: non-init fn 'cleanup_aedsp16' calling init fn 'uninit_aedsp16'

void __init uninit_aedsp16(void)
if (ae_config.mss_base != -1)
if (ae_config.mpu_base != -1)

static void __exit cleanup_aedsp16(void) {

Any clarifications, etc would be appreciated.

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