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SubjectRe: Groups maximum
Stephen Burns wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have checked out the archives, and I found an old post regarding this.
> The solution in the post, however, did not work for me. I am attempting to
> raise the maximum 32 group per user limit on my 2.4.2 kernel. I patched
> both linux/include/linux/limits.h and the asm-i386/param.h, replacing the
> default "32" with "256." My glibc is 2.1.2. When I make clean, and
> recompile the kernel, it boots fine but I am still limited to 32 groups. I
> don't need to do anything with glibc since it is of the 2.1 or greater
> category, correct? Any ideas, hints, tricks? Thanks a ton for your help,
> please CC me as I've not been approved yet as a member of this list.

You gotta change the task struct...

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