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SubjectRE: 2048 byte/sector problems with kernel 2.4

> I recently acquired a 1.3GB MO drive. When I use small (230MB and 540MB)
> MO disks which have normal 512 bytes/sector it all works flawlessly but
> as soon
> as a put in a 1.3GB disk which uses the 2048 bytes/sector format it all
> goes
> wrong. As soon as I write something to the disk by issuing a cp command
> the command
> just eats 99% CPU time and does not write a single byte to disk (it
> seems).

Hmm, I have no problems with 640MB disks with 2KB/sector (bot normal and
"overwrite" media). This night I'll try with a 1.2GB disk. I'll let
you know.

> Is this a known problem ?

Only with FAT fs AFAIK. ext2 should work fine (or at least it works
fine for me since 2.1.153).

> I also tried it with 2.2.18 there it works but it seems to be utterly
> slow.

Yes, it's a request merging problem, fixed in 2.4.

Giuliano Pochini ->)|(<- Shiny Network {AS6665} ->)|(<-

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