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SubjectRe: 2048 byte/sector problems with kernel 2.4

> >There WERE direct overwrite media for a while that would, in theory, be
> >able to write the data directly, but a combination of high cost, >limited
> >sources, and strong questions about the permanence of the recorded data
> >severely limited the demand for these and I think that they have been
> >withdrawn.

I have 2 OW disks and they work just fine. According to specs their
reliability is the same as nornal MO disks.

> No, direct overwrite disks are expensive, but they are still available. I do
> not know of any, and have not heard of any problems related to direct
> overwrite technology. For some reason M/O never really caught on in the US,
> and the high price of direct overwrite disks is what seems to be killing
> them off. I have a bunch I use for backup and have never had any problems.

RW CDs killed almost all removables.

And about 2KB sectors related problems, I confirm what I wrote in my previous
message: I have no problems. 640MB and 1.3GB both work fine here.

(kernel 2.4.3, old aic7xxx driver, adaptec 2930CU, Fujitsu GigaMO, PowerPC

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