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SubjectRe: CML2 1.3.1, aka "I stick my neck out a mile..."
At 09:03 30/04/2001, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
>Anton Altaparmakov <>:
> > >I tried whitespace, but the default Tkinter font isn't fixed-width. How
> > >do you do invisible text?
> >
> > Text colour = background colour -> invisible
>Well, duh. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have occured to the dozen or
>so people who suggested this that:
>(a) Background color can vary depending on how Tk's X resources are set, and
>(b) Tk doesn't give me, AFAIK, any way to query either that background color
> or those resources.

Well, that's a problem with Tk. I did say I know nothing about Tcl and this
extends to Tcl/Tk...

>Fer cripes' sake. If it were that easy I'd have *done* it already, people!

Well, you asked a generic question and not one of "how do you do this in
Tcl/Tk?" so you got a generic reply...

>Anyway my attempts to set a foreground color on an inactive button widget
>failed. I don't know why. Tk is full of weird little corners like that.
>What I've done is just disabled inactive help buttons without trying to
>hack the text or color. That makes them all the same width, though the
>legend "Help" does show up in gray on the inacive ones.


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