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    SubjectRe: 2.4.4 Sound corruption
    On Sat, 28 Apr 2001, Lee Mitchell wrote:

    >Playing mp3's under 2.4.4 (SMP) results in bursts of noise overlayed on top
    >of actual music being played.
    >Works fine running 2.4.3 (SMP)

    I have the same problem using XMMS in both a UP system running
    2.4.2-2 (RH kernel) as well as stock 2.4.4 both UP and SMP.

    It doesn't occur right away though. It takes a half hour maybe
    an hour, perhaps more. I dunno if it is tied to system activity
    or not.

    This occurs on a 300Mhz K6-III, and a dual 1Ghz Xeon Compaq
    Proliant ML530. It doesn't occur with enough frequency to be
    able to force it to reproduce.

    Signature poll: I'm planning on getting a 12 or 16 port autosensing
    10/100 ethernet switch soon for home use, and am interested in hearing
    others recommendations on what to buy. Cost isn't as important as is
    functionality and quality. Any suggestions appreciated.

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