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Subject2.4.4 SMP: spurious EOVERFLOW "Value too large for defined data type"

With kernel 2.4.4 SMP, I get some spurios errors from several
user-space programs. Unfortunately it's hard to reproduce, I had most
luck with the XFree86-4.0.3 build. When doing `make World', soon cpp0
(called by imake) dies with the following error message:

cpp0: : Value too large for defined data type

The message seems to correspond to EOVERFLOW in gcc's libiberty.
When calling imake directly, it fails 1 out of 10-20 times.
I couldn't reproduce this with calling cpp directly.

I also got a lot of that messages once at shutdown,
as init was trying to umount /proc.

The error occurs neither with 2.4.3 SMP nor with 2.4.4 UP.
(I'm using reiserfs, too.)

dual P3 866
gcc version 2.95.4 20010319 (prerelease)
binutils 2.11
glibc 2.2.3

Could you please give me further advice how to track this down?

-- Daniel
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