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SubjectRe: deregister?
At 10:39 PM -0700 2001-04-29, Steve VanDevender wrote:
>Jonathan Lundell writes:
> > At 10:03 PM -0400 2001-04-29, Andres Salomon wrote:
> > >Americans can spell? Since when?
> >

Shouldn't that be 'Sinse when'?

> > OED 2nd Ed:
> >
> > deregister. v. trans. To remove from a register. Hence
> > deregistration. (first citation 1925)
> >
> > unregistered. ppl. a. Not entered in a register; unrecorded. (first
> > citation 1604)
> >
> > The OED has no entry for "unregister".
>That's proving that the British can spell (it's the Oxford English
>Dictionary, after all),

Hmm. Just a *somewhat* circular argument!

>and that Andreas Salomon doesn't know standard
>English verb morphology. I rather suspect that there are quite a few
>verbs prefixed with "de-" in common use that aren't in dictionaries,
>since it's well understood how "de-" changes the meaning of a verb.

/Jonathan Lundell.
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