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SubjectRe: Larger dev_t
On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, wrote:

> Ingo Oeser <> wrote:
> >Yes: Let "mknod /dev/foo [bc] x y" die!
> I hope this never happens. Improving the major/minor device scheme is
> reasonable; abandoning it would be a sad occurrence. It would make Linux too
> "un-UNIXish" (how's THAT for an an ugly neologism!) for my tastes.

I don't know... the command 'mknod' should probably remain for
compatibility reasons. But the way that it does create the node can be
completely different. For example the call could just be a wrapper to a
syscall or a write to a proc file.

I think Ingo had qualms with the process of creating of a device file
which is totally detached of the kernel's ability to service that device.

But I am with you. The compatibility between *NIX should not be severed
so fast.



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