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SubjectRe: Sandisk flashcard reader on 2.4.2. It works. Sort of.
On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 02:08:13AM +0200, Stefan Linnemann wrote:

> the necessary features. I copied .config from the 2.2.17, superficially
> checked the config, and remade and rebooted.
> This was where I noted, that the parport, paride, epat and pd modules didn't
> get installed as modules at all. I havnet dug into the why of that, let
> those familiar with the processes and Makefiles do that.

It'll be because of the block device directory reorganisation I
expect, or something similar. Double-check your config.

> So I reconfigured to get those into the kernel, and remade and
> rebooted. No dice, so I succesfully again applied the same patch,
> configured it into the kernel and remade and rebooted. No
> SanDisk. For some reason or another I rebooted again, and lo and
> behold, we have a SanDisk.

So the kernel you run which can see the SanDisk is with, or without,
the C7/8 patch?

> I mount it ok, cd
> /sandisk/dir/, mv * elsewhere, my system hangs. Reset.

Enable magic-sysrq and see if Alt-SysRq-B reboots the machine or not.
Or, even better, jot down what Alt-SysRq-T says.

> So the message is: Yes, it could work, but with the patch from
> it's slightly better working than
> without it.

This patch is in the queue, but behind the bug-fixes.

You might want to try fiddling with the BIOS options for the parallel
port and see if that makes any difference.

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