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SubjectRe: Larger dev_t
Alexander Viro writes:
> On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Richard Gooch wrote:
> > However, a large number of people run devfs on small to large systems,
> > and these "races" aren't causing problems. People tell me it's quite
> > stable. I run devfs on my systems, and not once have I had a problem
> > due to devfs "races". So I feel it's quite unfair to paint such a dire
> > picture (I'm referring to Martin's comments here, not Alan's).
> And _that_ approach is the reason why I absolutely refuse to run
> your code on any of my boxen. Sorry. If devfs (without serious
> cleanup) will become mandatory I'll fork the tree - better
> backporting patches to Linus' one than depending on current devfs.

Al, I've told you that the races will be fixed. Calm down. I know you
take a very theoretical and hard-line approach. All I said was that
the races aren't causing problems for people in real life. That's why
some vendors are using it. I never disagreed with you about the
existence of the races.
Peace, OK?

> You've been sitting on known (and easily fixable) bugs and asking to
> leave fixing them to you for what, 10 months already? Furrfu...

Yeah, 10 months during which I've gone to 7 conferences/workshops,
written 2 papers, moved house twice, took two holidays (sorry, I have
a life), moved/split/unsplit our lab network twice, caught the flu at
least once, and sundry other distractions. Pardon me for being busy.

> You are maintainer of that code. You keep insisting on having
> everything and a kitchen sink in the devfs and refuse to split the
> functionality into reasonable pieces. Essentially you are saying
> that it's all or nothing deal. Fine with me - out of these options
> I certainly prefer the latter.

The claim that splitting it into pieces will be an improvement is just
hand-waving. I've not seen a solid argument that shows how it will
help. Especially not after I remove the FS database code in devfs and
just use the dcache to store my tree. That will trim the code by 50%
or more. I'm going to wait and see how my next versions of devfs turn
out before I make any hard claims.


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