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Subjectgigabit bonding
hi -

I have 2 dell power edge 6300 boxes,
each with 4 processors and 2 intel
717037 ethernet cards running rh 6.2,
kernel 2.2.14-6.1.1smp. I have
installed the latest intel nic driver
that I could find - v3.0.7. The machines
are identical except for the scsi

On one machine, I could bond the cards
to one ip and all was well - on the
other, the cards worked if brought up
singly, but bonding never set the mac
of the 2nd card to that of the 1st,
although ifenslave doesn't report
errors. I can change the mac with
ifconfig and the card(s) work fine.

I tried swapping the 2 pairs of cards
from one machine to the other - now
neither pair will bond, although all
4 still work singly.

Any guesses as to where I can go next?


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