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SubjectRe: Suggestion for module .init.{text,data} sections

> > A while ago, on linux-kernel, we had a discussion about
> > adding support for __initdata and __init in modules. Somebody
> > (whose name escapes me) had implemented it by essentially adding
> > a vmrealloc() facility in the kernel. I think I've thought of a
> > simpler way, that would require almost no kernel changes.
> >
> [implementation details snipped]
> While you are at this, you could make the .exit.{text,data}
> sections swappable for modules (by allocating swappable pages fro
> them?) and only mark them unswappable, while the module is
> exiting.
> Rationale: A device needed for swaping will never call exit
> stuff, because it is still in use. So I see no obvious race here.

You can't do that. Think about interrupt routine being swapped out.

Kernel is *not* preemptible.
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