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SubjectRe: kernel newbie question
Date said:
> Richard, can you add this URL to the FAQ ?

--- index.html.orig Sat Apr 28 18:03:32 2001
+++ index.html Sat Apr 28 18:04:41 2001
@@ -5570,8 +5570,9 @@

<A NAME="contrib"></A>Contributing</H3> Contributions are welcome on
-this FAQ. These can be submitted by Email to Richard (see the <A
-HREF="#contributors">Contributors</A> section above).
+this FAQ. These can be submitted, preferably in <TT>diff -u</TT> format,
+by Email to Richard (see the <A HREF="#contributors">Contributors</A>
+section above).

<P>Sometimes, we may feel your contribution is controversial and/or incomplete
and/or could be improved somehow. Also, the turnaround cycle may take up

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