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Subject2.4.4 Sound corruption
Playing mp3's under 2.4.4 (SMP) results in bursts of noise overlayed on top
of actual music being played.
Works fine running 2.4.3 (SMP)

System Information :-

Motherboard Gigabyte GA-6BXD
CPU(s) 2 x 400 MHz PII
Soundcard Creative AWE64-Gold
Network Card 3Com 3c905-B
SCSI Card Adaptec 2940
Graphics Card Matrox G200 Millenium AGP
Video Captute Hauppauge WinTV Go (bttv)
USB Devices Phillips PCA646WC Webcam

Kernel 2.4.4 (SMP)
Debian 2.2
gcc version 2.95.2 20000220 (Debian GNU/Linux)

Lee Mitchell

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