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SubjectRe: kernel panic with 2.4.x and reiserfs

On Friday, April 27, 2001 02:40:50 AM -0700 jason
<> wrote:

[ ouch ]

> reiserfs_read_super: can't find reiserfs filesystem on dev 03:01
> Invalid session # or type of track
> Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:01
> In case it's any help, I'm running Debian "sid" under kernel 2.4.3. hda
> is a Western Digital WD400 (UDMA 100) while hdc is a Maxtor 36.5 GB. I
> have a 900 Mhz Athlon on an Abit KT7A, the latter containing the South
> Bridge VIA VT82C686B and a North Bridge VIA VT8363A.
> Any info on how I could possibly retrieve data from my disk (hda) would
> be greatly appreciated...

Looks like you've hit the pot-luck of VIA problems, and elevator bugs
(2.4.1). When the last crash hit, did you recycle with the power button or
the reset button?

Step one, if you can, get a backup of the raw device. This will make
everything easier if there are problems in step 3.

Step two, grab the latest reiserfsprogs from

Step three, reiserfsck --rebuild-sb ; reiserfsck --rebuild-tree

Drop me a line if there are any questions.


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