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SubjectRe: kernel panic with 2.4.x and reiserfs
jason wrote:

> Hello,
> As the subject would imply, I've been having problems with 2.4.x. I have
> my root partition (/dev/hda1) as reiserfs and also have another harddrive
> with a reiserfs partition (/dev/hdc1). Several programs write (e.g. save
> files to) /dev/hdc1, and I also store files there. Under 2.4.2, whenever
> manually copying files from hda1 to hdc1, I would get a kernel panic, the

Reiserfs doesn't cope well with crashes.... Under 2.4 I wouldn't
recommend using it on any kind of critical server - it seems to
progressively corrupt itself (I'm looking at the second reformat and
reinstall in a week, and I'm not a happy bunny).

As the warning on reiserfsck says, the rebuild-tree option is a last
resort. It's as likely to make the problem worse then improve it (It
rounds all the file lengths up to a block size, padding with zeros,
which breaks lots of stuff). Backup what you can first.

I find that if you run reiserfsck -x /dev/hda1 a couple of dozen times
it slowly fixes stuff that it couldn't fix on the previous pass.One
thing that can't fix is the bug that seems to make random files on the
FS unreadable even for root.The only way I've found around that one is a
periodic format/reinstall.


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