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SubjectRe: Lid support for ACPI

> We already have lid support in the latest ACPI versions (not in the official
> kernel yet.) You can download this code from
> .
> It'd be great if you could focus your testing and patches on this code base
> -- I think it's a lot better but it's still a work in progress.

I was just browsing its sources:

+ if (tz->policy.temperature >=
+ tz->policy.critical.threshold->temperature) {
+ DEBUG_PRINT(ACPI_WARN, ("Critical threshold reached - shutting down system.\n"));
+ /* TODO: 'halt' */
+ }

Are you sure that kill(init, SIGTERM) is not right answer here?

PS: This seems very strange. What if machine is so crashed so that it
can no longer shutdown properly. Will that mean that its CPU will
damage itself?
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