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SubjectCardbus conflicts...
About 2 years ago, I bought a IBM 600E laptop with one
of the IBM branded Xircom CardBUS cards. It took me
about a month (with the help of a lot of people with
simular machines) to figure out why the card would be
recognized, and even connect to the network, but could
never get a IP address from DHCP. It turned out that
the sound card which is a one of the CS based chips.
The fix that I found was that if I added the following
line to the /etc/pcmcia/config.opts The card would be
detected, and recognized, and get a IP address.

exclude ports 0x2f8-0x2ff

The unfortunate side effect is that I cannot seem to
get the sound card to work, even with OSS-commercial
which I had a old license for that expires soon from
when I bought a copy way back in I think 96' (what a
scary thought).

I realize that this this is a older machine, but this
is not unique, I've found over the years that every
machine I've owned has had a custom "profile" to get
all addin-cards to work. So I leave with two

1. Does someone have a better fix for this problem
then I've been able to find?

2. It seems like there is a need to have like a
"vendor-profile" support that allows for these special
types of conflicts. I havn't been able to find much
on this. Is anyone aware of such a thing.



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