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SubjectRe: [PATCH] adding PCI bus information to SCSI layer
Jonathan Lundell writes:
> At 3:59 PM -0600 4/24/01, Richard Gooch wrote:
> >The plan I have (which I hope to get started on soon, now that I'm
> >back from travels), is to change /dev/scsi/host# from a directory into
> >a symbolic link to a directory called: /dev/bus/pci0/slot1/function0.
> >Thus, to access a partition via location, one would use the path:
> >/dev/bus/pci0/slot1/function0/bus0/target1/lun2/part3.
> A minor PCI terminology point: PCI buses are subdivided into
> devices, not (necessarily) slots. So, for example, a multiple-device
> PCI card (say, two SCSI controllers) might have a PCI bridge
> creating a new bus, and two devices (not slots) on that bus. (It
> could alternatively be implemented as a single device with two
> functions, given a dual-interface chip, but not necessarily.)
> So a better name would be
> /dev/bus/pci0/dev1/fcn0/bus0/tgt1/lun2/part3 (taking the liberty of
> abbreviating some of the other names).

Sure. I haven't made a decision on the names yet. I was just sketching
out the idea.

> How, if at all, would RAID devices, using more than one physical
> device, or SCSI bus, or PCI card, fit into this naming scheme?

Same as it does now. There's the underlying devices, and then the meta
devices, which are under /dev/md.

BTW: please fix your mailer to do linewrap at 72 characters. Your
lines are hundreds of characters long, and that's hard to read.


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