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SubjectRe: kernel panic with 2.4.x and reiserfs
To your complaint, I have to add my kudos.  I frequently run into 
crashes and I have only had reiserfs filesystem that I had to rebuild in
well over a year of using it on half a dozen workstations. I use 2.4
exclusively and have often had "premature restarts".


Tony Hoyle wrote:

> jason wrote:
>> Hello,
>> As the subject would imply, I've been having problems with 2.4.x. I have
>> my root partition (/dev/hda1) as reiserfs and also have another
>> harddrive
>> with a reiserfs partition (/dev/hdc1). Several programs write (e.g. save
>> files to) /dev/hdc1, and I also store files there. Under 2.4.2, whenever
>> manually copying files from hda1 to hdc1, I would get a kernel panic,
>> the
> Reiserfs doesn't cope well with crashes.... Under 2.4 I wouldn't
> recommend using it on any kind of critical server - it seems to
> progressively corrupt itself (I'm looking at the second reformat and
> reinstall in a week, and I'm not a happy bunny).
> As the warning on reiserfsck says, the rebuild-tree option is a last
> resort. It's as likely to make the problem worse then improve it (It
> rounds all the file lengths up to a block size, padding with zeros,
> which breaks lots of stuff). Backup what you can first.
> I find that if you run reiserfsck -x /dev/hda1 a couple of dozen times
> it slowly fixes stuff that it couldn't fix on the previous pass.One
> thing that can't fix is the bug that seems to make random files on the
> FS unreadable even for root.The only way I've found around that one is
> a periodic format/reinstall.
> Tony

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