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SubjectRe: 2.4.4-pre7 build failure w/ IP NAT and ipchains

Kai, can you try this patch out? I think it does the right
thing. What I'm mostly interested in is if your ipchains
setup works for the resulting kernel, I've already checked
that it links properly. :-)

--- net/ipv4/netfilter/Makefile.~1~ Thu Apr 26 23:30:39 2001
+++ net/ipv4/netfilter/Makefile Fri Apr 27 15:49:54 2001
@@ -16,11 +16,11 @@

# objects for the conntrack and NAT core (used by standalone and backw. compat)
ip_nf_conntrack-objs := ip_conntrack_core.o ip_conntrack_proto_generic.o ip_conntrack_proto_tcp.o ip_conntrack_proto_udp.o ip_conntrack_proto_icmp.o
-ip_nf_nat-objs := ip_nat_core.o ip_nat_proto_unknown.o ip_nat_proto_tcp.o ip_nat_proto_udp.o ip_nat_proto_icmp.o
+ip_nf_nat-objs := ip_nat_core.o ip_nat_helper.o ip_nat_proto_unknown.o ip_nat_proto_tcp.o ip_nat_proto_udp.o ip_nat_proto_icmp.o

# objects for the standalone - connection tracking / NAT
ip_conntrack-objs := ip_conntrack_standalone.o $(ip_nf_conntrack-objs)
-iptable_nat-objs := ip_nat_standalone.o ip_nat_rule.o ip_nat_helper.o $(ip_nf_nat-objs)
+iptable_nat-objs := ip_nat_standalone.o ip_nat_rule.o $(ip_nf_nat-objs)

# objects for backwards compatibility mode
ip_nf_compat-objs := ip_fw_compat.o ip_fw_compat_redir.o ip_fw_compat_masq.o $(ip_nf_conntrack-objs) $(ip_nf_nat-objs)
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