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SubjectRe: [patch] swap-speedup-2.4.3-B3 (fwd)
On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Mike Galbraith wrote:

> 1. pagecache is becoming swapcache and must be aged before anything is
> done. Meanwhile we're calling refill_inactive_scan() so fast that noone
> has a chance to touch a page. Age becomes a simple counter.. I think.
> When you hit a big surge, swap pages are at the back of all lists, so all
> of your valuable cache gets reclaimed before we write even one swap page.

Does the patch I sent to last night help in
this ?

I found that the way refill_inactive_scan() and swap_out() are being
called from the main loop in refill_inactive() aren't equal and have
fixed that in a way which (IMHO) also beautifies the code a bit.

(and makes sure background aging doesn't get out of hand with a few
simple checks)


Virtual memory is like a game you can't win;
However, without VM there's truly nothing to lose...

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