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SubjectRe: __alloc_pages: 4-order allocation failed
Thanks for the suggestion. but where to get pre-2.4.4 kernel? when I
looked into the kernel traffic mail list, peoples are talking about 2.4.4,
but i checked, the lastest one i found is 2.4.3



On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Mark Hahn wrote:

> > I am running linux-2.4.3 on a Dell dual PIII machine with 128M memory.
> 2.4.3 has many known flaws; why not try a pre-2.4.4 kernel?
> > __alloc_pages: 4-order allocation failed.
> these happen when someone tries to allocate large contiguous blocks.
> > and sometime the system will crash. I looked into the memory info,
> > there still has some free physical memory (20M) left and swap space is
> > almost not in use. (250M swap)
> your ram is fragmented; it's the contiguity that is causing the failure.
> > I didn't have this problem when I ran 2.4.0 (I even didn't see it on
> > 2.4.2) could anybody tell me what's wrong or where should I look into this
> > problem?
> you can simply perturb ram (flush, etc), or use a newer kernel.

Feng Xian
/v\ L I N U X
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