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Subject[PATCH] handling of failed copy_thread() in do_fork()
	If copy_thread() fails (it can't happen on x86, but on other
architectures, e.g. on sparc, it's possible) do_fork() doesn't do
full cleanup - it forgets to do exit_mm(). Obvious fix follows.
Please, apply.

diff -urN S4-pre7/kernel/fork.c S4-pre7-fork/kernel/fork.c
--- S4-pre7/kernel/fork.c Wed Apr 25 20:43:12 2001
+++ S4-pre7-fork/kernel/fork.c Wed Apr 25 22:12:39 2001
@@ -652,7 +652,7 @@
goto bad_fork_cleanup_sighand;
retval = copy_thread(0, clone_flags, stack_start, stack_size, p, regs);
if (retval)
- goto bad_fork_cleanup_sighand;
+ goto bad_fork_cleanup_mm;
p->semundo = NULL;

/* Our parent execution domain becomes current domain
@@ -708,6 +708,8 @@
return retval;

+ exit_mm(p);
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