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SubjectRe: Event tools, do they exist
I think all of this has been done... you should check out
the Linux Trace Toolkit.

george anzinger wrote:

> This is an attempt to look in the wheel locker.
> I need a simple event sub system for use in the kernel. I envision at
> least two types of events: the history event and the timing event.
> The timing event would keep track of start/stop times by class. If, for
> example, I wanted to know how much time the kernel spends doing the
> recalc in schedule() I would put and event start in front of it and an
> end at the other end. The sub system would note the first event time
> and the cumulative time between all starts and stops on the same event.
> When reported by /proc/ it would give the total event time, the elapsed
> time and the % of processor time for each of the possibly several
> classes.
> The history event would record each events time, location, data1,
> data2. It would keep N of these (the last N) and report M (M=<N) via
> /proc/. This list should also be kept in a format that a simple
> debugger can easily examine.
> Somebody must have written these routines and have them in their
> library. Sure would help if I could have a peek.

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