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SubjectRe: Current status of NTFS support

> Where does write support for NTFS stand at the moment? I noticed that it's
> still marked "Dangerous" in the kernel configuration. This is important to me
> because it looks like I'll have to start using it next week. My office laptop
> is going to be "upgraded" from Windows 98 to 2000. Of course, I hardly ever
> boot into Windows any more since installing a Linux partition last year. But
> our corporate email standard forces me to use Lotus Notes, which I run under
> Wine. The Notes executables and databases are installed on my Windows
> partition. The upgrade, though, will involve wiping the hard drive, allocating
> the whole drive to a single NTFS partition, and reinstalling Notes after
> installing Windows 2000 . That means bye-bye FAT32 partition and hello NTFS. I
> can't mount it read-only because I'll still have to update my Notes databases
> from Linux. So how risky is this?

You need to update notes databases. Fine. Why not
cp -a /ntfs/lotus.databases /usr and only ever update them on ext2?

Granted, you will not be able to use lotus notes under w2000. Does it
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