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    SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Re: [PATCH] Single user linux
    Tomas Telensky wrote:


    >But, what I should say to the network security, is that AFAIK in the most
    >of linux distributions the standard daemons (httpd, sendmail) are run as
    >root! Having multi-user system or not! Why? For only listening to a port
    ><1024? Is there any elegant solution?

    Yes, most daemons have the ability to switch user ID once they have
    bound tho the port. Additionally, support is starting to show up for
    capabilities. I know that ProFTPD has support. Now, assuming it is
    running on a newer kernel, it never needs to be root, because it has
    been granted the capability to open a low port. Even if it is cracked,
    it cannot do other things like . . . insert a kernel module, . . .
    overwrite /etc/passwd . . . . . etc


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