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    SubjectIdea: Encryption plugin architecture for file-systems

    Lot of people would like to know their data in secure place, and the
    frequent usage of compression softwares could be time-consuming and boring

    extend the current file-system with an optional plug-in system, which allows
    for file-system level encryption instead of file-level. This could be used
    transparently for applications or even for file-system drivers. This
    doesn't mean an encrypted file-system, but a transparent encryption of a
    media instead.

    #1: optional security level for every data, without user interaction.
    #2: if this idea is used e.g. for portable media (like cdrom), your backup
    could be in safe also.
    #3: (almost;)) everybody could create own security plugin for their data,
    and not have to trust on the designers of a secure file systems.

    I suspect that this idea may appeared in the past:(, but I haven't heard
    about it;).

    So, what do you think about this? Is Linux kernel enough flexible to do
    this? What changes are necessary to do such a thing? Is there any other way,
    to have own security for file-systems or portable medias? Is this
    implementation could be used in the US?

    Best regards,
    Tamas Nagy

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