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SubjectRe: Kernel panics on raw I/O stress test

> Could you try again with 2.4.4pre4 plus the below patch?

I suppose that 2.4.4-pre4 + rawio-3 patch still has SMP-unsafe
raw i/o code and can cause the same panic I reported.

I think the following scenario is possible if there are 3 or more CPUs.

(1) CPU0 enter rw_raw_dev()
(2) CPU0 execute alloc_kiovec(1, &iobuf) // drivers/char/raw.c line 309
(3) CPU0 enter brw_kiovec(rw, 1, &iobuf,..) // drivers/char/raw.c line 362
(4) CPU0 enter __wait_on_buffer()
(5) CPU0 execute run_task_queue() and wait
while buffer_locked(bh) is true. // fs/buffer.c line 152-158
(6) CPU1 enter end_buffer_io_kiobuf() with
iobuf allocated at (2)
(7) CPU1 execute unlock_buffer() // fs/buffer.c line 1994
(8) CPU0 exit __wait_on_buffer()
(9) CPU0 exit brw_kiovec(rw, 1, &iobuf,..)
(10) CPU0 execute free_kiovec(1, &iobuf) // drivers/char/raw.c line 388
(11) The task on CPU2 reused the area freed
at (10).
(12) CPU1 enter end_kio_request() and touch
the corrupted iobuf, then panic.

Takanori Kawano
Hitachi Ltd,
Internet Systems Platform Division

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