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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.3 Compile Errors - Power Mac
    Date said:
    > However, I don't think that wishing the world would avoid these
    > dominant (and very useful) formats is a realistic expectation. It is
    > certainly not "common sense" to assume as such.

    Of course it's not a realistic expectation. There are times when it's a pain
    to have to be safe - people will always break the rules when they're in a
    hurry and the document to be sent is already in an unsafe format. But taking
    plain text with absolutely no formatting, in fact text which is
    _degenerated_ by word wrapping &c, and gratuitously putting it in a Word
    document is just _so_ unnecessary that I assumed it had to be a troll.

    > fork.c: In function Œcopy_mm¹:

    Given what this output's been through - I'll assume it's corrupted in
    transit, shall I?

    The kind of error you're seeing is often caused by a mismatch between
    compiler and kernel. As Alan suggests, you should make sure you're using a
    PPC-specific tree because it's not up to date in the stock 2.4.3. And make
    sure you're using the recommended versions of compiler and binutils. Other
    than that, I'm afraid I don't know.


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