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Date said:
> Not good enough. In a year, the pile of false positives would get
> high enough to make it too hard to spot real bugs like the Aironet
> mismatch. The whole point of the cleanup is to be able to mechanize
> the consistency checks so they require a minimum of human judgment.

I'm not sure that's the case. The nature of the false positives is that
they're generally _temporary_ aberrations, caused by the loss of
synchronisation of various maintainers w.r.t submitting patches to Linus.

I'd be very surprised if the number of false positives isn't fairly stable,
with new ones being introduced at a similar rate to the rate at which old
ones finally become correct.

Might be interesting to check a few older kernels to see if this is true.
Actually I might expect it to be roughly proportional to the number of
separately-maintained bodies of code - so it'll grow over time, as the size
of the Linux kernel grows.


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