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Matthew Wilcox <>:
> > Could I ask you to audit your tree and change the prefix on any
> > CONFIG_ symbols that are private over there? This would make life
> > easier for my auditing tools (kxref and Stephen Cole's ach script).
> I don't think we have any of those. We certainly have symbols which are
> defined for symmetry and may not actually be used yet (CONFIG_PA11 might not
> be, perhaps). But that's what happens when you're developing software :-)

Here's what I have for you guys:

CONFIG_BINFMT_JAVA: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig arch/cris/ arch/cris/defconfig

You've already gotten rid of that one.

CONFIG_BINFMT_SOM: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig

Not used in code anywhere. Can you get rid of this one?

CONFIG_DMB_TRAP: arch/parisc/kernel/sba_iommu.c
CONFIG_FUNC_SIZE: arch/parisc/kernel/sba_iommu.c

Would you please take these out of the CONFIG_ namespace? Changing the
prefix to CONFIGURE would do nicely.

CONFIG_GENRTC: arch/parisc/defconfig

This is a typo for GEN_RTC. Please fix it or get rid of it.

CONFIG_HIL: arch/parisc/defconfig

Looks like an orphan. Can you get rid of it?

CONFIG_GSC: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig
CONFIG_GSC_DINO: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig
CONFIG_GSC_LASI: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig arch/parisc/kernel/led.c
CONFIG_GSC_PS2: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig
CONFIG_IODC_CONSOLE: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/kernel/setup.c
CONFIG_IOMMU_CCIO: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig arch/parisc/kernel/Makefile
CONFIG_IOMMU_SBA: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig arch/parisc/kernel/Makefile
CONFIG_IOSAPIC: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig arch/parisc/kernel/Makefile
CONFIG_KWDB: arch/parisc/Makefile arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig arch/parisc/kernel/entry.S arch/parisc/kernel/traps.c arch/parisc/mm/init.c
CONFIG_LASI_82596: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig
CONFIG_PARPORT_GSC: drivers/parport/Makefile arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig
CONFIG_PCI_LBA: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig arch/parisc/kernel/Makefile
CONFIG_SCSI_LASI: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig
CONFIG_SCSI_ZALON: arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig
CONFIG_STI_CONSOLE: arch/parisc/Makefile arch/parisc/ arch/parisc/defconfig arch/parisc/kernel/setup.c arch/parisc/mm/init.c

Looks like these need entries.

CONFIG_SERIAL_GSC: drivers/char/serial.c arch/parisc/defconfig

That reference pattern looks kind of weird. Is this a bug?

If you could clean these up, that's everything I need from the parisc tree.
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