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    Jeff Garzik [] wrote:
    > Tom Rini wrote:
    > > Which does boil down to having to work with trees other than Linus or
    > > Alans. Remember, the official tree is not always the up-to-date tree,
    > > or in the case of other arches, the most relevant tree.
    > Yep. You could even look at Linus as simply the x86 port maintainer :)
    > Except for alpha and x86, AFAIK, most people wind up going through
    > arch-specific channels to get their kernels...

    This may be a dumb question, but is there some place where the arch
    maintainers are listed? Where the arch-specific trees are kept? Where
    would I go to get the latest set of relevant patches for alpha?

    Grepping the Documentation/ directory for "alpha" I see nothing
    relevant. IMHO this should all be listend in one place. Maybe

    -- Bob

    Bob McElrath (
    Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Physics
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