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SubjectRe: ARM port missing pivot_root syscall
Russell King wrote:
> > A few months ago a colleague was frustrated to find pivot_root missing
> > from the ARM port. Semi-standard C programs that use this call would
> > not compile for the ARM. Perhaps you ARM folks would like to add it?
> The missing system calls got added in the latest kernel.

Ok, good.

> > On this general theme, there are other constants, whose names are not
> > arch-specific but whose _values_ are arch-specific. E.g. look in
> > <asm/fcntl.h>. In most cases, some of the values are required for
> > historical compatibility, sometimes with other operating systems.
> I don't see any missing constants in fcntl.h, compared with x86. Which
> kernel version are you using?

I'm not aware of any other missing constants.

Just, having seen the missing syscalls which were presumably accidental,
I put forward that someone might wish to audit the other architectures
for missing definitions from other arch-specific header files. Not just
asm/fcntl.h, but also e.g. asm/termios.h and others. The idea is not
specific to the ARM port.

-- Jamie

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