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SubjectRe: pthreads & fork & execve
Hi Richard! Hi Dennis!

> I tracked this down to a corrupt jumptable somewhere in the pthreads
> part of the libc (didnt have the source handy at that time, though). So
> I think this is a libc bug (version does not matter) - I even did a
> followup to a similar bug in the libc gnats database (I think I should
> have opened a new one, though...). But I failed to construct a "simple"
> testcase showing the bug (We use rather large amount of threads and
> in one or two doing popen() calls - or handcrafted fork() && execv(),
> the SIGSEGV is during fork()).

We're going trough two similar problems here. One is KDE, and the other
is Linuxconf. Linuxconf is core dumping on a module when it is linked
with pthread and dlopen()'ed with RTLD_GLOBAL. We must reduce one of
them to a testcase.

Btw, both are mainly C++ programs. Is your software written in C++?

> I stopped trying to find out what is going on as this feature is not
> essential (but maybe useful in the future). So I suggest you build a
> libc from source with debugging on and trace it down to the actual
> libc problem - or better try to isolate a simple testcase.

We'll probably do this here...

> I like to hear from the results :)

Please, let me know as well! :-)


Gustavo Niemeyer

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