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SubjectLinux 2.4.3 instabilities, kernel panic with IrDA, ps, etc.
What's with the so called "stable" 2.4.x kernels
these days?

The first time I booted 2.4.3, the system came
up to the login prompt and promptly froze.
The second time, I tried to start X, and it
froze again. Never seen this with the older

I've got my actisys IrDA dongle working with
the 2.2.x and 2.4.2 kernels, and tried the
2.4.3 kernel. As soon as a connection was initiated,
I got an Oops, kernel panic, and an Aieeee!
This behaviour was repeated infrequently - it
does this once every 5 connect requests.

With ps -ax | grep something, it complained
about not being able to do something with
file descriptor 1 and 4.

Other than the kernel change from 2.4.2 to
2.4.3, nothing else has been modified in my

BTW I'm using a run of the mill PC with a P-II,
ATI Mach64, sound blaster, Adaptec AIC7880 SCSI,

The other interesting thing is the code bloat.
Given the exact same options with 2.2.1[789]
the compressed kernel comes to ~510KB. With
2.4.x, it's 730+KB :( Whoa!

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