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SubjectRe: Cool Road Runner
On Fri 2001-03-30 (10:52), Andreas Dilger wrote:
> Steffen Gruenwald writes:
> > The CompactFlash disk (a 32 MB SanDisk) is recognized as /dev/hda,
> > but the system fails to see the /dev/hdb disk (an IBM DARA-206000
> > jumpered as slave). When the IDE driver loads, it displays
> > hda:pio, hdb:DMA - and yes, the BIOS assigns UDMA33 to the slave drive
> > while the master is detected as Mode1.
> > The IDE controller is a CS5530.
> This was just discussed this week by Andre Hedrick. You need to add a
> mount option like "hdb=flash" (I wasn't paying much attention). This
> is because CF disks do not properly handle detection of slaves. See:

OK, that makes things clearer. In addition to that, I also found that
2.2.15 fixes some things wrt the CS5530 controller chip. So I'll try both
things: a newer kernel (2.2.16 is in the SuSE upgrades) _and_ the append

And BTW: Isn't Andre's writing style very lovely ?

Steffen, starting with fresh hope into a new week
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If at first you don't succeed, then you're in good company. - Lincoln
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