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SubjectRe: Asus CUV4X-D, 2.4.3 crashes at boot
From: "Alan Cox" <>

> > I've seen the exact same behavior with my CUV4X-D (2x1GHz) under
> > 2.4.2 (debian woody). In addition, the kernel would sometimes hang
> > around NMI watchdog enable. At least, I think it's trying to
> Known problem. Thats one reason why -ac trees had nmi watchdog turned off.

It still crashes with nmi_watchdog turned off.

Running with noapic fixes it but then the system crashes if you access the
RTC with hwclock (and probably creates a hundred other problems...).

How can I get this chipset/motherboard supported properly under Linux? I'm
happy to test patches etc. on the box. *pleading*


Simon Garner

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