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SubjectRe: Cool Road Runner (was CFA as Ide.)
On Mon, 02 Apr 2001 21:50:59 +0100, Adrian Cox wrote:

>> IIRC SanDisk was the original people to come out with IDE CFA and everyone
>> else just copied them. I have the SanDisk datasheets that I can send you
>> if you need them to verify stuff. I believe that if you verify it with
>> the SanDisk then all the other MFG's should work as well.
>If only. In my limited experience SanDisk cards have been the most
>tolerant. I suspect that Sandisk actually implement the full range of
>timings documented in the spec, and nobody else bothers.
>This isn't normally a problem on PC hardware, but if you try to
>implement an interface to talk to a CF card in an embedded system you
>find this out.

Hmmm... most of our embedded systems are based on a PC somehow either via a processor card or
an actual PC system that we design so perhaps I have't stressed the limits yet.

We do actually use SST (Silcon Storage Technolog) CF's as well and they seem to function just
identical to the SanDisk but not quite as robust... I have had several of the SST's develope
a problem in the partition table and as thus the just error when you try to mount them.
Several people on the liunx-embedded list also have similar experiences.

That seems to follow your observations...

Will it be worth while for you if I break out the scope and examine how our CF's handle the
PDIAG signal or can we just go on faith that they do indeed work as expected?

Richard A. Smith Bitworks, Inc. 501.846.5777
Sr. Design Engineer

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