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SubjectRe: FW: Linux 2.4.3 Compile Errors - Power Mac
Jeff Galloway wrote:
> I sent this report to the people indicated below, whose names I got from the
> MAINTAINERS file in the 2.4.3 distribution, but the email address for Mr.
> MacKerras is no longer good and Mr. Chastain wrote me back that he is not
> following 2.4 issues.

Hi Jeff,

Hmm.... Paul is around his email just changed and the pmac maintainer is now
Ben, but that issue aside where did you get your 2.4.3 sources from that you are
trying to build? is the location you want to pull stuff

> I have not yet heard from Mr. Owens.
> Any suggestions on the solution to my problem?

Well suggestion one is DON'T GIVE US A WORD DOCUMENT! Plain text please, then
we can actually read what's wrong.

Best to post to That's one of the lists that
the PPC Linux watches.



Tom Gall - PowerPC Linux Team "Where's the ka-boom? There was
Linux Technology Center supposed to be an earth
(w) shattering ka-boom!"
(w) 507-253-4558 -- Marvin Martian
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