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    On Thu, Apr 19 2001, Peter T. Breuer wrote:
    > "A month of sundays ago Jens Axboe wrote:"
    > > On Thu, Apr 19 2001, Peter T. Breuer wrote:
    > > > So the consensus is that I should enable plugging while the plugging
    > > > function is still here and do nothing when it goes? I must say I don't
    > > > think it should really "go", since that means I have to add a no-op
    > > > macro to replace it, and I don't like #ifdefs.
    > >
    > > The moral would be that you should never do anything. You didn't enable
    > > plugging with blk_queue_pluggable, only disabled it by using a noop
    > > plug.
    > I was thinking about what has to be done to allow my code to compile in
    > older kernels. I _believe_ (I may be mistaken) that I had to _explicitly_
    > disable plugging at some stage. Probably in 2.2. and possibly in 2.4.0.
    > On that basis, I do need a plug_fn and a blk_queue_pluggable for
    > compilation against those kernels, and these should both be macro'ed to
    > oblivion in the newest kernels. No?

    Examine _why_ you don't want plugging. In 2.2, you would have to edit
    the kernel manually to disable it for your device. For 2.4, as long as
    there has been blk_queue_pluggable, there has also been the
    disable-merge function mentioned. Why are you disabling plugging??

    Jens Axboe

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