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"Jens Axboe wrote:"
> Examine _why_ you don't want plugging. In 2.2, you would have to edit
> the kernel manually to disable it for your device.

True. Except that I borrowed a major which already got that special

> For 2.4, as long as
> there has been blk_queue_pluggable, there has also been the
> disable-merge function mentioned. Why are you disabling plugging??

Fundamentally, to disable merging, as you suggest. I had merging
working fine in 2.0.*. Then I never could figure out what had to be
done in 2.2.*, so I disabled it. In 2.4, things work nicely - I don't
have to do anything and it all happens magically.

Nevertheless, I am left with baggage that I have to maintain -
certainly the driver has to work in 2.2 as well as in 2.4. Removing
the blah_plugging function now in 2.4 after having started off 2.4
with it around gives me one more #ifdef kernel_version in my code.

I don't think that's good for my code, and in general I don't think one
should remove this function half way through a stable series. Leave it
there, mark it as deprecated in big letters, and make it do nothing,
but leave it there, no?

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