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SubjectRe: Kernel 2.5 Workshop RealVideo streams -- next time, please get better audio.
> Being an outsider, I'm still trying to find out WTF happened
> on friday evening when NUMA was discussed. I can't find any
> video, audio, or even technical notes. This sucks; I'm writing
> support for NUMA hardware (it's not cache coherent) right now
> and I don't have any idea where things will be going.

Something like

View 1: (The SGI view)
NUMA should be implemented as a single kernel on a numa system. Andrea
has done some work on this (see his patches), as have SGI.

View 2: (The McVoy view)
NUMA is best viewed as another misguided attempt to do DSM and we
should run a kernel on each DSM node and do page cache borrows between nodes.


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