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On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Fabio Riccardi wrote:

> I'm building an alternative web server that is entirely in _user
> space_ and that achieves the same level of performance as TUX.
> Presently I can match TUX performance within 10-20%, and I still have
> quite a few improvements in my pocket.

very interesting statement, which appears to be contradicted by numbers on
your website. Your website says you get a 1375 SPECweb99 connections
result on a dual 1 GHz, 4 GB, PIII system:

the best TUX 2.0 result published so far, on a very similar system (same
CPU speed, same amount of RAM, same number and type of network cards) is
3222 connections:

the difference between 1375 and 3222 is quite substantial, TUX is 134%
faster (2.3 times the performance of your server). I'm sure a userspace
webserver can get quite close to TUX in simple static benchmarks (in fact
phttpd should be very close), but SPECweb99 is far from simple. When
saying you are 10-20% close to TUX, did you refer to SPECweb99 results?


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