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SubjectRe: Still cannot compile, 2.4.3-ac6
On Sun, 15 Apr 2001, Marko Kreen wrote:

> Sorry. Who said it should not be tested? How else it could get
> 'default compiler'? If the gcc-3.0 would start giving errors
> on some old code then it could be gcc bug. But this rwsem code
> is couple of days old. It is good to let it through stricter
> error checking, I guess. This rwsem is very in-flux code. eg.
> 2.4.4-pre2 did not compile. ac[56] with um-arch do not compile.

For what its worth, I got the same error on 2.4.3-ac5, using gcc 2.91.66.

I did seem messages fly by in on the list about a few in -ac5, but
haven't gone back to dig them out.

-- John E. Jasen (
-- In theory, theory and practise are the same. In practise, they aren't.

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