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    SubjectRe: 8139too: defunct threads

    On Sat, 14 Apr 2001, Manfred Spraul wrote:

    > >> Ah. Of course. All (or most) kernel initialisation is
    > >> done by PID 1. Search for "kernel_thread" in init/main.c
    > >>
    > >> So it seems that in your setup, process 1 is not reaping
    > >> children, which is why this hasn't been reported before.
    > >> Is there something unusual about your setup?
    > > I found the difference which causes this. If I build my kernel with
    > > IP_PNP (IP: kernel level autoconfiguration) support I get a defunt
    > > thread for each 8139too device. If I don't build with IP_PNP
    > > support I don't get any, defunct ethernet threads.
    > Does init(8) reap children that died before it was spawned? I assume
    > that the defunct tasks were there _before_ init was spawned.
    > Perhaps init() [in linux/init/main.c] should reap all defunct tasks
    > before the execve("/sbin/init").
    > I've attached an untested patch, could you try it?

    Yes, that fixes my problem. No more defunct eth? processes when IP_PNP is
    compiled in. With the fix you said to the patch; replacing curtask with


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