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SubjectRe: PATCH(?): linux-2.4.4-pre2: fork should run child first
"Adam J. Richter" <> said:


> I suppose that running the child first also has a minor
> advantage for clone() in that it should make programs that spawn lots
> of threads to do little bits of work behave better on machines with a
> small number of processors, since the threads that do so little work that
> they accomplish they finish within their time slice will not pile up
> before they have a chance to run. So, rather than give the parent's CPU
> priority to the child only if CLONE_VFORK is not set, I have decided to
> do a bit of machete surgery and have the child always inherit all of the
> parent's CPU priority all of the time. It simplifies the code and
> probably saves a few clock cycles (and before you say that this will
> cost a context switch, consider that the child will almost always run
> at least one time slice anyhow).

And opens the system up to DoS attacks: You can't have a process fork(2)
at will and so increase its (aggregate) CPU priority.
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