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SubjectRe: No 100 HZ timer !
Mark Salisbury wrote:
> > The complexity comes in when you want to maintain indexes into the list
> > for quick insertion of new timers. To get the current insert
> > performance, for example, you would need pointers to (at least) each of
> > the next 256 centasecond boundaries in the list. But the list ages, so
> > these pointers need to be continually updated. The thought I had was to
> > update needed pointers (and only those needed) each time an insert was
> > done and a needed pointer was found to be missing or stale. Still it
> > adds complexity that the static structure used now doesn't have.
> actually, I think a head and tail pointer would be sufficient for most
> cases. (most new timers are either going to be a new head of list or a new
> tail, i.e. long duration timeouts that will never be serviced or short
> duration timers that are going to go off "real soon now (tm)") the oddball
> cases would be mostly coming from user-space, i.e. nanosleep which a longerr
> list insertion disapears in the block/wakeup/context switch overhead

A pointer-based priority queue is really not a very complex thing, and
there are ways to optimise them for typical cases like the above.

-- Jamie
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