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SubjectRe: announce: PPSkit patch for Linux 2.4.2 (pre6)
> appropriately.)  One could, at least theoretically, make them usable
> in kernel space only (in user space there is no hope, since you can't
> know which CPU's TSC you're reading), but these machines seem to be so
> rare that hardly anyone technical enough to fix it cares.

Im working on making the 'notsc' automatic. Trying to 'fix' it is just plain
hard work. With the fixed one however we can still use the tsc for udelay
as we have per cpu loops_per_jiffy data.

This btw is why -ac figures out the bus multiplier on your processors. If they
dont match then we know tsc wants to be off. Just nobody has written the code
to disable it across all CPUs yet

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